The Peacock Belly

An old belly cast……

peacock belly cast

Peacock Belly Revisited

Sometimes a belly will sit with me for a while, in this case a very long time. Ten years! Let me back up a bit and explain. This belly is not a client’s cast, but one of my own.  This is a cast of my middle child R.  It had been decorated for many years and hung in my living room. It was a dark purple with a decoupaged butterfly.

I created this cast by myself, (which is no easy task when being 9 months pregnant).  I did have the help of my oldest kiddo D who was almost 3 years old at the time. My creative juices have been flowing like crazy lately and I have the motivation that often comes with a new year.  I have had some ideas that I wanted to try and decided that it was time for a change. Down came the belly.  I dusted it off and got to work.

This can of Jade Green had been calling to me for weeks.  The time had finally come, and it was now! As the spray started to mist instantly, I knew it was the right choice.  Once it was all covered and dry, it was time for the fun part.  I got busy with the peacock feathers.  Sometimes it takes a while for the vision of the belly to come together, but the peacock belly was taking shape.

First let me back up a bit and explain why I am choosing to re decorate one of my casts. For over 7 years these casts hung above my stairs.  They are one of the first things you see when you enter my house.  I have loved them and smile every time I look their direction.  I have not been blessed with a girl, but have 3 wild and crazy BOYS.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my boys like crazy, but I have always had a dream of having a girl.  I came up with a crazy vision of a belly cast that incorporated peacock feathers.  My middle kiddo R is a great kid and has always enjoyed dressing up, sometimes in creative, eccentric, costumes, sometimes in his best tie and suit.  The more I thought about this idea the more I thought about how this theme would fit nicely for him since he does tend to strut around like a peacock. Hence the peacock belly cast.

I got to work and it progressed and morphed as I went, which is typical for my art style.  I do not have a finished project in mind, no matter the artistic medium. photography, clay, weaving, fibers, doodling, of course 3 dimensional casting and decorating is no exception.

That is how this belly came about and I must say that I am very pleased with the results.  What do you think?  Please feel free to leave any comments.  Of course if you are interested in having a belly cast done contact me and share my info with someone you know.  Every cast is unique by design, and of course the decoration is no different.